Sunday, October 20, 2013

My trip

My trip was Saturday morning until Tuesday afternoon. My Mom picked me up at 7 am and we got on the road. I was a little worried about feeling at odds being with her alone but it wasn't nearly as bad as I would have thought it to be. So maybe seeing her more often in the last 6 months or so has repaired a little of our distance.

We stopped and had breakfast and my Mother paid for me. She paid for almost everything on our trip there and back. It makes me think about how when Alex is around how I pay for everything but just for the record.. I think the difference is that I had money and could have paid.. but I am human and if someone else is going to do it then let them. So maybe that's what Alex does to me and someday his kid will do it to him.

The drive there was slightly stressful because I felt like there was some errors in my Mom's driving that made me scared. We had two near accidents and one I know was her fault and the other she said that both her and the other car changed lanes at the same time. I felt like my Mom over corrected when adjusting the car so there were times I was scared of her driving.

Also, times where I felt lost cause she said the "L" word and felt like she wasn't condident in her directions and traveling to TN.

The time spent in the car wasn't really bad at all. We didn't speak of really heavy stuff and of course we didn't talk the whole way. We had the radio to listen to and it in itself was a converstation peice.

Saturday was a busy day. My sister treated us to this place called Parrot Mountain and it was fun. I did have a parrot eat my watch and birds pooped on us but other than that it was a blast.

I loved being able to see both my sisters. It's kind of late so I will leave ya with a picture of myself and my sisters.

Will post more about the trip soon.

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