Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Horse ride

My weight loss has stalled a little bit and I am even up a couple pounds! It's driving me nuts!! So close to 80 lbs and then back up a couple.. I know it's still close but it does bug me. It will be the first time I gained weight since I started losing it.

I did have an experience recently that wouldn't have happened had I not lost weight. I rode a horse. The paperwork said if your over 200 lbs you had to ask about arrangements that could be made and I know I wouldn't have had it in me to ask such a question.

I was very excited and proud to be able to get my first horse ride. It was a trail ride.

Stephen rode a horse too on the same day. This was actually his 3rd trail ride! He was all excited and happy to tell everyone how he was a pro and I was new at it. His horse was probably the best behaved and he said that's cause he knows how to handle a horse.

One of my regrets in life is not discovering the park district and their programs when Alex was younger. Stephen has experienced somethings that wouldn't been affordable without the assistance we get due to income level. I love that there is programs that allow kids to experience some fun even though their parents are not loaded.

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