Tuesday, October 8, 2013

unanswered letters

I feel like Izzy's Mother and I are slowly adjusting to the other one. I know the fact that I think she hated me and wanted to shove me off the cliff could all been in my head but I did have the unanswered letters. Well, anyways, I mentioned she liked the status of the flowers I sent Izzy.

Last night, Izzy posted something on facebook and her and Mom were commenting on the post and sometimes I stay out of it and other times I jump in. I don't mean jumping in fights or disagreements.. not that I seen any of that sort.

Anyways, Izzy was saying how all boys are naughty and I said not all are something to the extent that mine only fight each other. She liked my status. Before Izzy's birthday, I have been known to like her Mother's comment once or twice.

When Izzy posted about her Mom being sad that her son was gone to boot camp.. I wrote something to the extent of poor momma.. I would be crying too. Maybe it's like a slow dance. We are slowly poking around and see how far can we get. We shall see what happens in the near feature. I would love to know Izzy's Mom for her she is really is and not just the person who lied to me. I hope that makes sense.

Speaking of unanswered letters.. Does anyone ever recall me talking about writing a truancy officer a letter? I don't know how long ago it was or maybe it was written before I even started blogging.

I ran into the truancy officer that delt with my skipping, delt with taking me to court for truancy, delt with trying to get my sister into preschool. Gave me a ride home when I had headlice. Yuck! Arranged for my myself, sisters and brothers to get Christmas presents when I was in the 8th grade.

This is the dreaded year I got pregnant. See kids. don't skip school. It's bad for you.

He came to the next school to visit me. He has heard the bad news from the new truancy officer. I spoke to him last when I was about 19 years of age.

I don't have memory of this unanwered letter but it is something that I am likely to do. I get people from the past stuck in my head and I want to thank them for all they did.

I ran into him at the store the other day. I seen it was him and pretty sure and my first instint was go to him and then I decided to ignore him and then I decided I had to know.

Sure enough it was my guy who was there for me but much older. Once he realized who I was and he remembered my name he gave me a hug! He said he got my letter and it was very touching. He said I was looking well and I told him I had lost a lot of weight.

I didn't know when I wrote him but I didn't think it had been in the last few years so I told him about my reunion with my daughter and he was surprised. I felt so nice to see him and when I left I gave him another hug.

I wonder if I am the only one who forms a bond or attatchment to school officials. Is it just cause I like authority or cause I didn't get the attention from home. I almost didn't write this out of fear of feeling corny.

I do wonder why someone him or her would get a letter touching or begging and not reply. He has been on my mind lately because since my husband got his new job I drive past the diner he took me for breakfast one day after court. Don't worry his wife was there too.

I have thought about sending him a picture of Izzy and me but not sure if I will or not. Maybe do it for Christmas. I love seeing things come full circle.. people that seen me at my worst seeing me at my best 22 years later.

I figure I don't have to decide at the moment. Speaking of sending him Christmas card.. maybe send one to Izzy's parents too. Good thing we have a few months. I will probably go back and forth on these two people.

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