Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 years!!

Today, marks mine and my husband's 7th wedding anninversey!! Like many marriages we have had our ups and downs and then all over again. I like to think we are doing pretty well these days.

One thing that I love about my husband is that he has been very supportive in my drive to lose weight. He loved me at my heaviest and continues to love me as I lose the weight one pound at a time. Currently at 79.5lbs down.

He takes up the lack of taking care of Stephen and or cooking meals so I can get my workout in.

He has been known to weigh food when he cooks so I can get proper calorie counts.

He even has been known to keep me on my toes by pointing it out to me if I am slacking at working out.. even laughs at my excuses.

He has given me my space and let me workout in the living room alone. I love that I can still get a workout in if I don't hit the Y up or get a walk in.

We have been through his drinking problem and been living the last 4 1/2 years of our marriage with him being sober. The funny thing is that once in a huge great while we stumble across an old dirty bottle. I feel in a safe spot where I can laugh about it and not panic that he is drinking again.

We have been thru my having zero contact with Izzy and her family to me being in reunion with Izzy.

We have watched facebook bring someone back into his life too. His father who he hadn't had contact with for many years. I know contact wasn't really his idea and meeting him wasn't his idea but deep down inside I think it was the right thing to do and hope someday he see's it that way too.

We are not the most romantic couple. Most likely there won't be any cards, flowers or candy. I had planned to get him a card and a candy bar just like I did for a friend but my son's playdate lasted late cause the Mom had forgotten. It's not unusal for my son to take first place.

There won't be a date. I work 12 hours. Lately, our biggest outing together has been almost a monthly trip to the Goodwill 1.23 sale and maybe lunch at Burger king! I won't lie and say I don't wish for flowers, candy or dates but it doesn't mean that we don't love each other.

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Marleen landeis said...

This was quite a lovely sentiment about your husband and 7 year anniversary.