Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have been quiet on this blog lately. Not a whole lot going on.

I did get my feelings a little stepped on when my Mom and brother took a trip to see my little sister less than a week of her moving out of our city. It bothered me she didn't even ask if I could go. I wouldn't have been able due to work. If there was any kind of notice and I could have afford time off it's possibile I could have been able to go.
Then they left to see my other sister who lives another few hours apart so my Mom makes effort to see all her children but me. I shouldn't say that. I have seen her more in six months or so than I normally do in two years.

My husband is enjoying his new job and the added bonus of making more money than he had babysitting. We do miss our grand daughter and at times I wish things were able to stay the same but to what extent does one put themselves in the hole for family?

Alex was given his first paycheck and says work is tiring cause of the 5 mile bike ride but other than that I haven't had a lot of contact with him. I have yet to make a trip on my own to see him. I have such anziety about traveling alone and even with a gps I can manage to get lost and be near tears as I call my husband and say "I am in trouble"

Stephen has had a busy summer. He did quite a few things like camp and the police academy. I think he had a great time. Stephen's Dad claims to have sent over 200 for child support out of his summer job. I have no reason to disbelieve him on it. I just hope the cash gets on my card fast so I can use it for back to school stuff. He goes back one week from tomorrow.

I have been having a lot of spare time on my hands. I have gotten my Sunday's back and no longer am working. It's my hubsand's extremly long day. So I drop him off at 8 am and then I run about 4 1/2 miles on the bike path, shower and get ready to go babysit at the church.

When I get home.. I have tried to balance it out between resting and doing things like the dishes, laundry, bedding and bathroom.. just trying to pitch in so the house looks somewhat nice when he comes home. I am not the best cleaner. I envy those that can afford to have an housekeeper come in.. I am sure that I would be cleaning before they came in though.

Hope everyone has had a nice summer. It's coming to an end.

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