Friday, March 1, 2013

I forgot to mention that my son and his gf made up the same day that she came over and hugged me as she cried.

Although, the little birdie is telling me that she doesn't really like to come to our place cause it's cold. (my son's room is in the basement) and there isn't any food. We don't automatically feed them both if she is here. However, if he asks ahead of time then we do allow it if we have the food to go around... just depends one what is being cooked. Somethings like soup, chili and casseroles can go further.

However, I don't go out of my way to buy snack foods.

We also learned that his gf has been accepted into college that is about an hour away. I think my son said she has a job interview at McDonald's. I am hoping these things will motivate him to get a job or consider schooling more.

We have been encouraging Alex to not always rely on her Mom to drive him or her to see each other. Been encouraging some good old fashioned walking like his Dad did to see me or things my husband did to see his young loves. :)

I hope he learns and accepts that we are not asking him to do anything that we haven't done ourselves.

Well, better get ready for work.

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