Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have been quiet. Haven't blogged in a whole week! Nothing new on the job front for my son. We been getting him up and making him leave the house. Yesterday, we made him leave with me as I went to volunteer and he had a couple places he could hit up and of course has bus passes ect to go else where. He was home within 37 minutes of me leaving with him. I swear sometimes the kid must be dumb! If your not going to "look for a job" at least stay out and "pretend to look for a job" I am not saying that I want him to hide and lie to us but come on can't he even be creative and pull a fast one over us like normal kids?? lol

We don't know to keep riding his ass or let him hang himself. He did walk up to a pizza joint that he has applied for and he knew one of the employees from school and he said that she told the manager he is a good kid. So maybe that will pan out. Two of his cousins on his Dad's side by marriage work there too so maybe something could come out of it who knows.

I am afraid my son is just waiting for the job to be handed to him without any effort and oh yea.. he needs to magically get there in 2 minutes or it's too much trouble.

another area where my son seems "dumb" is the neighbor (who my son does chores for) I won't mention what I believe he gives him for exchange. was throwing away a bunny cage and guess the neighbor asked Alex would you Mom want the cage. But what does Alex do. Throw away a bunny cage even though I have three bunnies!!

We seen it out there and asked Alex what it was and he said a bunny cage. Then he felt dumb for not thinking that we might want it for one of our bunnies. It's bigger than the one he was in. We are using it for the bunny that Izzy gave us.

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