Monday, September 5, 2011


I had another dream. I was in Jr high in 9th grade. It's the year that I went into labor with Izzy. First, I remember being dressed very sloppy and I pretty much was cause I didn't have proper fitting clothes to fit me. I remember being with the teacher that home schooled me and she made me do math. The really weird part of the dream is I remember being in a science class and I am super clumsy can't seem to find a seat and settle down to do my school work. Baby clothes kept falling down all around me.
I woke up and honestly my body wanted to sleep more but my mind didn't want to go back.

I guess this is just what's going to happen since Izzy is counting down her birthday.


In Blind Faith said...

I always have dreams about Ashley around her birthday and the days leading up to it I start remember everything that happened in detail. Sometimes I wonder, do our First Daughters dream about us as their birthdays approach?

birthmothertalks said...

It's very sad because even in my dreams I can't fix it. I do wonder if they dream about us. I have heard that some adoptees dislike their birthdays but mine loves it and counts it down.