Friday, September 9, 2011


I was at work and my client went to bed so I got to choose the tv channel. I got to dateline 20/20 and couldn't resist watching the show about 9/11. At first I watched it without getting emotional but then I started to tear up and actually cried. Even after ten years and all the reminders of it the memories, videos and pictures of the twin towers falling and all those lives lost to evil just still seems to unreal but it's real. I really am trying to handle the birthday and the 9/11 stuff and not let it get me down but tonight it was too much.

I will be honest with you all. I know they don't want to forget what if the terrorist decide to strike again cause America gives them so much attention. If they pick a day at all wouldn't it be a real win for them to get us again on September 11Th? Scary!

The good news is that my daughter did get the cards today and said it was what she needed after a bad day at work. So, with that it wasn't too bad of a day.


Leah said...

I personally can't watch 9/11 coverage. I couldn't then, and I can't now. I feel bad for the relatives of those who lost someone in those attacks. I mean, can you imagine having to watch your loved one die, over and over again? I personally don't think that footage should even be allowed to be shown anymore.

Bad things happen to good people everyday. It's sad, but it's life.

birthmothertalks said...

I know Leah I shouldn't have watched it either. It is so sad but so true it's life.