Saturday, September 3, 2011

late night rambling

My hours at my job have doubled because I got a new client. I got my first "huge" paycheck and while it stinks that we had to pay a huge bill to catch it up but glad I was able to do it. Tonight, finished off my second week of full time hours. I actually got almost 4 hours overtime because someone was sick and I was asked if I could come in early instead of having the three hours of in between client time.

So, I get to work and it's this one girl who I got along well enough to tell her about my daughter and my volunteering and donating stuff to MELD. She said, she had things to give them and as far as I know she did. It was nice to see her. With my job, we don't really get to really know our coworkers and this girl I just hit if off with. I think I blogged about it cause she has a friend who placed a daughter for adoption and I gave my number out to the girl but nothing came of it.

She told me today she had somethings for MELD and would I take them in. It's a big bag full of a mixture of summer clothes, winter clothes and even a couple light jackets and couple heavy jackets. It's all girl stuff cause she has a girl. I can't fault her there. :) There was also a ride on toy, a couple things for babies. I am going to keep the bouncy chair cause it might come in handy for when I volunteer for MELD. However, I did decide I am going to write them an email about the majority of the Mom's bringing the babies in super wet. I hope I can do it without sounding judgmental and come off in a way that leads them to knowing that my goal is to provide quality care and it's been hard with so many babies being soaked.

Any suggestions? Am I being overly bitchy? Anyone thinking I am asking too much or making too big of a deal of the wet babies? I did get pee'd on the last time cause a baby wet through his clothes.


Karen said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with reminding moms to change diapers before they come in. You can even do it as a request because you are a bit frazzled and want to know when they were changed last so you dont end up leaving them wet...something along those lines...maybe better than I put it, but what Im saying is, you can blame it on your own inability to remember when they need to be changed instead of the other way around.
IMO wet diapers...soaked diapers can cause rashes and irritability for the babies. And if these are all new mothers, they might need help learning what's best for the baby is to have a clean (or at least not soaked) diaper on their baby.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Karen, I am going to send them an email asking that they speak to the Mom's about bringing them in dry diapers. I have suggested that the Mom's take turns staying in the daycare to see how hectic it can be for two or even three people to care for 7 to 9 children especially when the majority are babies.