Monday, September 19, 2011

Tonight was my 7Th ten week session for volunteering for MELD. I had wrote them last week about the problems that I had mentioned. The email was taken well and I was assured that they had extra help coming and a plan to encourage the Mom's to bring in diaper bags and to make sure the babies are dry.

There was 7 volunteers for 9 children. It was way too many people. Most of the children were in good moods and played nicely except we have this baby that every time his Mom drops him off he cries and cries. It's not unusual for him to cry for the majority of the 90 minutes they are in group.

Two of the new volunteers kept trying to take the baby away from my sister or me and they just knew they could solve this problem. They just knew they could make the baby go to sleep but mostly it just pissed this baby off cause he wanted my sister.

I was grateful for some extra help but they just wouldn't accept our word for it that this is just what this baby does. That we have tried everything and he just wants his Mom. It really bothered me that what we were saying didn't matter.

Besides, the crying baby that won't stop there was enough children to go around for 7 volunteers and honestly at times I felt like I had nothing to do. My sister even mentioned that if that many continue to show up then she wouldn't volunteer her time where it wasn't needed because of school and work.

I like the idea of having about four volunteers so that if one would need a night off for whatever reason they wouldn't feel guilty for leaving the others to struggle without enough help.

My husband said that I should write again cause they took what I said seriously and mention that 7 is too many but I am thinking and hoping that a few of them will week themselves out like usual.

I love volunteering and don't really want to give it up and I love that my sister does it with me. After, volunteering on most nights we go to the Y to walk or swim or both. It's nice to hang with my sister doing something good and also taking care of our own needs outside the daily life responsibilities.

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