Monday, October 1, 2012

Zumbathon was hopping out of this world

The Zumbathon was tons and tons of fun. I did remember the building very well but of course they had most of it blocked off. I rememered the gym pretty well and nothing looked different except that they had bikes and treadmills ect in the upper part of the gym. I was very much aware that I had been there before but didn't really have any memories popping up. I don't recall any horrible memories in the gym anyways. It was the year that I finally realized that it was easier to just dress for gym than come fully dressed and not be allowed to participate. It's not that I wanted to do "gym" stuff but if your the only one not in uniform you sort of make yourself stand out and I did enough standing out with the baby belly in the beginning of the year.

It was 3 hour event but with only two of it being zumba. It was loads of fun and the gym was packed. The excitement and energy in the room was out of this world!! It was a little more high impact and energy that I am used to. They had people come from Chicago I believe and hope no one takes offence to this but the African American dude there could dance and it was hard to keep up with him. Also, not quite used to zumba instructors doing the Micheal Jacksons Crotch grabbing move. LOL

They had a little Subway there and a few other snacks that had been donated and tons of water for everyone. It was nice.

I should probably mention the whole event was to raise money for bully preventtion in schools!! I didn't buy anything so hopefully others did.

The last little bit of time was the fun things that I think my son would have liked had he been there. It was B Bop dancing competion. Hope that's the right way to say it. They called calling them B boys.

There were tons of children there but I don;t regret the decision to go on my own. He would have been pretty bored the majority of the time. Some of the children were doing zumba but from what I could tell most of the children doing it were girls. I think there maybe were a total of five men there in total actully doing it.

I was amazed that I lasted the two hours but in reality I didn't think I wouldn't. Don't mean to say that it was easy. It was a challenge and glad I made it.

The church I work for happens to do zumba too and gave few coupons away and I gave some to my office and now one of the office girls wants me to go with her. I have never hung out with them or talked a whole bunch with them due to I am out in the feild. HAHA I love saying that. I am in the homes of the elderly so we don't know co workers or the bosses as well as some might know.

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