Friday, October 12, 2012

Volunteering interview

My husband helped me get to the crisis nursery place. I am such a goof. I don't know directions and I tend to panic and can't think too well for myself.

I was a little surprised that it was actually an house. I was greeted by the volunteer cordinater. She was very friendly.

She had me fill out the paperwork and the paperwork didn't ask "why you want to volunteer" and neither did she so I ecsaped the issue do I give the short version of why I want to volunteer or the long one.

She seem impressed with my background with MELD and didn't seemed turned off by us ending on bad terms. She remembered that we had spoke on the phone last week. She seen that I work for the church babysitting.

I mentioned that I had a child on the autism spectrum cause she mentioned most kids are "normal" but they have a brother and sister on the spectrum.

She explained how they can only have five kids at one time and only one volunteer can be there at once. She said that the special needs kids count as two kids based on high needs.

She showed me around the whole house. It was a lovely set up. They had a common area where the kids probably spend most of the time in. Also, another room where they will eat and I can imagine maybe crafts or puzzles cause it's a nice table.

She told me that if I was there at meal times that I would be welcome to eat with the children. I won't be responsible for changing diapers ect. She did mention that when the volunteers on there that they try to leave the child care to the them because honestly that's what we want to do. She did talk about other things that we might be asked to stay busy shall we not have children. This included picking up trash and yard work. I hope that is never asked of me. LOL Trash not so bad. Raking of shoveling!! Hello!! I don't do that at home and if I get caught doing it for free I am in trouble.

I had imagined it in my head that I would tell her that I want to volunteer every other week but before I got that far she explained how it works. Their is a scudule and basically I sign up for the hours that I want to be there.

I love that idea. It feels less of a commitment. I know that might sound funny but let me explain. I don't have to be there at a certain on a certain time every week. I could volunteer on my day off here and there but if I know I need the time free for kids or hanging out with friends I just don't sign up for that day.

With all that said.. I am not sure if I am going to stick to only going twice a month or weekly. I signed up for this Monday from 11 am to 2 pm and they seemed happy that it was during lunch time. If I remember right they take volunteers from anywhere from 7 am to 10 pm. They provide emergency based care 24/7 Monday thru Friday. (that is if I remember right) The nights don't really apply to me.

I loved the upstairs. They had an infant room with about five cribs and toddler room wtih five beds. They said the bedrooms are only for over nights due to having to clean them if a child uses it even for a minute.

I am really happy to get started with them. I hope this is enjoyable for me. I think the smaller amount of children will work in my favor as it will give me time to give quality care and teach through play compare to just manage the children at MELD.

Wish me luck!!

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