Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What to do??

What do you do when your teen is spending all his time with friends, girlfriend or work and barely coming home to sleep. We have had to put our foot down and threaten to lock him out of the house if he isn't home by midnight.

what do you do when they lose or break everything they own? My son has lost his IPOD, Kindle. He had a nice xbox but it's gone with a shady story. He somehow got a cheapy IPOD and dropped it on the stairs and it shattered.

This is a lot of things we bought him or family has gotten him and it's all gone.

Now he is breaking our crap. We forgave him for breaking the screen door and the railing to the downstairs. We repaired it out of our money.

He hasn't been coming home for dinner and sometimes he is at work but other times he just always has a "perfect" excuse as why he didn't make it. Most days he doesn't even ask for food unless he knows we have gotten pizza out or something. We have refused to let him eat it when we have given him a specific time to be home for dinner.

We are wasting a lot of food because we cook for four and he isn't eating. Sometimes, we actually cook for more than that based on the recipe and that sometimes gives me lunch for work.

The latest thing he has "broke" is that he asked to use my husband 25 feet cord for outside when he had a few friends over for a bon fire. The cord magically was set down by the bunny cage and they chewed it up. We explained to my son that he has to replace it and he swears he didn't put it there but admits he left it in the back yard. It's possible my black lab dragged it to the sun porch but I really don't think so.

We are just so frustrated. It's all the little things that add up big time. I handed him a trash bag to take out and where did it end up? Would you guess in his brother's room? Yep! isn't that the place you take trash?

The truth is that I think my son is afraid to be alone. If he isn't working he is looking for people to hang with. He rarely sits with us anymore. My husband doesn't care for kids in the living room all day but nothing says he can't sit with us and there is always dinner time together as a family and out outings ect.

Just for the record, I am talking about my son who will be 18 in less than two months.

He is still working but the early morning shifts if we don't wake him up he won't get up. Up until about two weeks ago, my husband seen to it that he got up and I don't think it's fair that we have to sleep less for him to go.

So, twice in a matter of a couple weeks he was late for work twice. We noticed that he isn't getting the early morning shifts and he has less hours.

We haven't charged him rent yet. The plan is to start once he is 18 years of age. I am not going to pay his way in life so he can "party"

He is being cheap. He has yet to buy himself a stitch of clothing for work or otherwise. He needs things and for once I agree with one of my Mother's parenting styles. I am not buying clothes for him when he has a job.

If you read all this. Thanks for reading my major vent.


katie ridings said...

My little brother is in highschool & my dad can barely control him. Teens these days are getting a little out of hand I would say!!

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks Katie, at least I am not alone.