Monday, October 15, 2012

My first day on my non paying job

I stayed pretty busy today. I was getting ready to go volunteer and my best friend called me asking for a ride to the hospital.

I didn't know if I could get her and get to my volunteer job on time so I had my husband drive. We picked her up and dropped her off. I felt bad but with it being my first day that I would have felt bad calling in.

I went to the volunteer place. They do emergency care for children newborn until six years old. There were three kids in the activity room. Two girls were sisters and a boy who wasn't related.

I sat and played with them and then the workers got them lunch. They ate but there was this one baby that cried quite a bit cause she wanted to be held. The employes told me not to hold her and just try to direct her to play.

After they ate, I washed up the dishes and took in my surroundings. It has all the postings that employers have to put up about health department stuff and also had stuff about nutritional facts about healthy eating. I swept the floor and then they asked me to clean the upstairs bathroom and vacuum. Let me tell ya this is the hardest that I have worked in a while. LOL I don't have carpet at home and I only vacuum my clients floor about twice a month when she goes out to dinner on my shift.

After cleaning, I talked to one of the workers for a bit and then they asked me if I would help file paperwork. I never got around to filing it but I had to put it all in order by ABC's. This was never a really strong suit of mine. So, in my head.. I am going ABCDEFGHIJ lol with each letter I had to do it again.

It ended up being past my time to go so I let them know that I needed to go check on my friend and she told me not to feel bad if something comes up and I can't come in.

I really feel like this is a good fit for me. It might be more cleaning that I really want to do because what I want to do is more childcare but if it's for the benefit of the families then I will do it. Assuming as long as they don't get crazy.

A male volunteer showed up and I guess he does a lot of the outside work. That is good cause I just don't think I could handle being told to rake or even shovel.

I love how this house is very close to mine. The drive time is 5 minutes tops!! I feel that allows me to give more of my time because with my other volunteer time (hour and half per week) I had about an hour of driving time.

I love how they tried to feed me even though I declined. It shows that they appreciate the help and willing to give a little bit back.

I haven't for sure decided if I will make volunteering a weekly thing for me or biweekly. I am really on the fence. Also, on the fence if I want to give up a few hours on Monday (my only day off without obligation) Or Friday during the day. ( I work second shift) As for right now, I signed up for next Monday for the same three hours.

After volunteering, I went back to the hospital to get my friend. She is having an awful time with diabetes and as been in and out of the hospital for months. She hasnt been able to hold food down for the most part and occasionally gets good days.

I picked her up chicken broth, made her some hot tea and she confessed how miserable she is and no one seems to be able to help and how her family is getting tired of her always being sick. I didn't leave until her Mom came and her kids got home from school. I picked up a prescription for her and when I came back she was sleeping.

I hope she gets better soon. It's really taking a toll on her family and I know she is sick of being sick and tired.

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