Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today, I went to the bar and practiced shooting darts with my son and also the girl I will be playing with on Tuesday night. I didn't shoot all that well but shocked to see is that my son with very little experience can shoot pretty good. It makes me happy that there is something I can at times do with him.

The girl I am shooting with I have known a long time. I used to play on the same league with her years ago. I haven't had much contact with her until recently. I am excited to have something to do other than workout and the occasional outing with my friends. She mentioned to me that a guy who also goes way back was pretty shocked to see me and wasn't quite sure if it was me or not.

They referred to me as "bunny" I was a bit confused but then I remember the guy she was talking about raises bunnies and I was crazy about bunnies so I am sure we talked "bunnies" I am thinking my nick name in the board was "bunny" haha.. I really don't remember that but why else would they call me bunny.

Tueday, we shoot a double match so that will be about 4 hours of darts. I am looking forward to how that goes.

The dart boards are new. I am not always technical advanced but I figured out how to run the board and how to follow the game. I am pretty proud of myself on that one. I was told that these boards allow you to play others from other areas of the country but I didn't realize that some of the teams we are playing won't actually be in the room or in my state. Isn't technology just wonderful? I do wonder how does that prevent others from cheating.

Edit.. to say my friend's husband reminded her why someone would call me bunny. My nick name on the board was bunnyluv. I had a bunny named Luv! Feels like a lifetime ago.

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