Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First night of darts

I had my first night of dart leagues in about ten years. It was pretty fun! We played 11 games.. There was cricket and some 01 games. We won 3 games out of 11. I am pretty proud of that number. It's a handicapped league but since I haven't played we didn't get any marks when I was playing. I took one game that I played by myself. It was a 01 game. My friend took another 01 game. The last game was 701 and I thru the winning dart. It's funny when we would actually win. It's like we surprised ourselves.
I am glad I decided to join. I had to rush dinner a bit and clean up the kitchen after I got home but overall darts only lasted an hour.

What I find so different is the boards and how it's a remote league. We shot against people that were not even in our own state. We could see each other on a camera on the board. That's pretty cool.

I had fun but I do think I like it the old fashioned way better where there are a room full of people battling for the wins. We get 3.00 per win so for our team we earned 9.00 back of the money we had to pay.

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