Sunday, May 8, 2016


The pictures below show me on my way out to a retreat. I tried to do a quick blog post from my phone while I was away but the text didn't show up.
What I wrote is how I am loving my new found independence of being able to get a rental car and take myself out on a trip. I don't need a man to drive me. It's nice to have the company of a guy sometimes but it doesn't make or break my trip as far as me leaving town.

I went to Galena Illinois for a retreat for Mom's with special needs children. I had a really nice time but it's always nice to get back home.

Now from an birthmother's perspective they always tend to give props to all kinds of Mom's... Mom's, foster mom's, adoptive Mom's, step Mom's.. notice birthmother's don't get the props.. Now I know they are talking about the day to day hardships that Mom's go thru so I guess it's only natural to skip out on birthmom's..

But... but... come on... how can you mention adoptive parents or foster parents and not mention birthmother's?? I know. We took the easy way out. We don't wipe their butts or noses or get up in the middle of night.

Why should birthmom's be mentioned. We choose life! Birthmom's choose to continue a pregnancy knowing they couldn't raise their child. Maybe, it's not as big as a deal as being "mom" everyday but without the birthmom's choose life.. there would be no child to wipe noses, kiss good night, wake up in the middle night. So no birthmom choosing life.. no child to be needing to be taken care of.. but who cares right? It's just nine months and giving life.. no big deal.

Guess I am in a crappy mood.


Kelly Schneider said...

As a fellow birth mom , I whole heartedly agree.

birthmothertalks said...