Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ouch! That hurt!

I admit that a lot of my communication these days with Izzy is just on facebook! I don't know her as much as I would like to. A big part of that is cause she lives far away and another part is I feel she doesn't give me enough time to visit when she does come home and I just don't have the income to travel and I hate traveling with a passion and don't know how to travel.

Well, anyways, today, I felt like she was rude to me and wonder if it is a hint of some anger issues with me.

Back story is that I remember that I believe both of the cars they drive were bought used off of people in the newspapers and even though we never discussed if they have payments or not I assumed she paid cash for her car.. Now his car.. I don't recall if it's the same car or not but again I never got the impression they had car payments..

You know what Assume stands for...


So basically she had posted on facebook about one or both cars always having a recall or a breakdown.. and again thinking that the cars were paid for I said something to the extent of being happy they are not paying car payments and fixing cars.. I only said that cause I know how that feels and again I thought they had bought the cars out right..

So she says "you assume we don't have car payments?"

I said, "I was sorry that I thought they had paid cash out right for the cars before they moved"

She replaied that "i wish"

AM I being extra senstive or what that rude of her to put it that way?

I might be sensative because while I love her I still just feel like she doesn't really care to know me.

Thinking of laying low and leaving her be for a while.


Leah said...

I don't think that comment sounds rude. I bet she does wish she had paid cash for the cars, especially with one breaking down.

With that being said, I also think she probably is dealing with anger issues, as many adult adoptees experience. In her mind she was given up. Navigating this new relationship is probably just as tricky for her as it is for you. Hang in there. :)

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks. I am sure she was probably in a bad mood over the car. Besides any issues of adoption.. she and her now husband are probably getting a quick lesson in the cost of being grown up.

Jenn said...

I've thrown out an "I wish" at times when maybe I shouldn't have. Money can be a sore subject with a lot of people and tone is hard to read over the internet. I think she probably DOES wish they'd paid cash.

With my natural parents, money is always a weird thing. I get really uncomfortable whenever it's alluded to. I want my natural parents to know I'm OK financially (even if I'm not) because I don't want them to think I want something from them or for them to think I'm complaining. It's complicated!

Being grown up and married is hard. :)

Pam said...

When life gets tough, that is probably when she needs your unconditional love the most.