Sunday, June 1, 2014


I can't believe I have almost lost all interest in blogging. It's weird. Well, how about a do a quick update on everyone.

I am now down 93lbs!! I am close to goal weight that puts me in the top range of a healthy weight. I am still working for the same two clients and lately one of them is driving me crazy! I am still babysitting for this church on Sunday's and somedays I am cool with it and other days I feel like quitting.. I feel like quitting on the days where I don't have any children. However, I heard a new baby was born yesterday so hoping for the days of not having any child go down.

I have to drive my husband to work and then it's two more hours before I have to be at church. I am there an hour and half to two hours and if I have any errands to do it seems like by the time I get home it's time to get my husband.. then he drops me off at home.. all this is done on not getting quite enough sleep between Saturday night and Sunday morning.. The funny thing is if I quit the church job and stayed home and had him drive himself I wonder if I would be equally frustrated cause now I would be stuck.

Alex got promoted at his job at McDonald's to manager. He is suppose to come tomorrow and we go to dinner for my birthday.. That would mean he would treat, right? LOL It was his suggestion so more reason to think it's his dime.. We shall see.

Stephen went to D.C and had a great time. He is finishing up 8th grade soon. I can't believe he is onto high school after this summer. We don't have anything lined up for summer but hope to have some camps set up for him soon.. It's his last year he can do the camp he sleeps over with.

Izzy has announced that her and her fiance are getting married at the end of this summer.. They are just having a small ceremony where they live and then coming to our home town for a reception.

My husband is working two jobs and for the most part they are going well. This month we came up on five years since he quit drinking.

My relationship with my Mother has improved! It's not pefect but it's an huge improvement. I think there has been a little on each of our parts at making an effort to see each other. I think our trip to TN in October was a starting point cause I had to spend a lot of time with her. I no longer feel akward being in the same room with her on a one on one basis. I can't say at the moment that we are super close and all that.. but it's something. Both my sisters are far away and all my Mom and Dad have home is my brother and me. I don't want to throw away the options to see my Mom. I can't promise we will ever be close and seeing each other weekly like she does my brother but it's something. I think I maybe happy with monthly or even bi monthly.

I am no where near talking to her about my daughter and for the moment I am okay with that. Don't know if that will ever change.

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Melody Lynn said...

Love the update! Seems like everyone is doing great! I used to blog on another blog, and I am back blogging. Izzy is getting married?! That is wonderful. Congrats on the weight loss.