Sunday, June 15, 2014

My birthday

The top photo is from Mother's day three years ago.

The bottom photo is from my most recent birthday. Alex came into town for my birthday and treated me to dinner. Alex, Stephen and myself rode bikes to the pizza joint. We had an awesome time riding and just enjoying each other's company. Alex paid for dinner and gave me a card with a little cash in it. Plus he gave me some chocolate. He seems like he is doing well with his job.

It's slightly been over a year since we made him move out. It was a tough decision but it was probably for the best. He mentioned hoping to get his own place soon. I am so happy he is doing well. I am thinking of a short vacation stay in his town.. maybe get a hotel room and stay a night or two.. It's such a cute town. I would love to explore it more.


Melody Lynn said...

You look amazing! Happy belated birthday. The kids have grown so much.

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks. Hard to believe they are 14 and 19 now.