Sunday, June 8, 2014

Color run 2014

I signed up for the Color run again. I had such a great time last year that I wanted to do it again and I wanted to see my son get colored. I ran it and my son walked it. He didn't really want to do it but I bribed him.

Pictures before the run started.

During the run!!

A few shots from after the run.

Last one.

It was a blast! My husband said I ran much better than last year. I felt like this year the paint didn't stick to my clothes as well as last year. I chose to buy and wear the tank cause it mentions turtles and I have a pet turtle. Lol.

After we got cleaned up my son and I went to Olive garden and ate like pigs. They had an awesome deal for 2 for 25.00!!

I hope someday to do a longer run! I don't have any specific runs in mind but I think I would love the challenge of a 10k or half of a marathon. A little over a week ago, I went running on Sunday and ended up crashing a half marathon cause they were running on the bike path that I do. It felt weird cause everyone was aplauding everyone. I wanted to follow the runners and cross the finish line but didn't feel that would be right and I didn't have time to keep running.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures. I had quite a few dinners out over my birthday week.. next time I get a few minutes to spare I will post about my birthday dinner with Alex and Stephen.

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