Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day

The upcoming Mother's day holiday is making me a little down for a couple reasons.. I always dream and wish a little something from Izzy on Mother's day and I just get a text or facebook message. I am thrilled with that.. I hate to get nothing but even a card in the mail would be nice.

Alex lives about a 40 minute drive from me.. so not sure I will see him. If I do.. I would probably have to get him and bring him home and if we go out to eat pay for it myself. I don't really know if I would have the time to get him ect so that sort of stinks.

My husband has to work so there goes the cookout that I like to happen if it's nice.

I will have Stephen home after he goes to church with his Dad. So we have talked about Mother's day and he said he will take me to dinner but I have to pay. haha.. I teased him that he has to put me on his bike so he can "drive me"

He did suggest we ride our bikes to dinner.. We won't have the car. I normally don't like to go to dinner on Mother's day but I know we did it once at this Ilitian place.. so I am debating on going or not.. I kind of like the idea but paying for it is kind of a bummer.. but then again my son doesn't have a job. lol

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