Monday, June 23, 2014

So here is the deal. I believe in the past I have wrote about my niece and called her "K" Well, K isn't related to me anymore due to divorce but I was around for a good bit of her growing up days. K is now about 23 years of age I believe. K hasnt had the best upbringing. K has some mental problems and her Mother didn't really take care of her. K spent most of her childhood living in a one bedroom apartment that is part of public housing. K's grandmother raised her.

So K is my children's cousin. My brother got involved with K. That's where it sounds gross cause my kid's may say something like "my Uncle is dating my cousin" haha.. Well, K, played the "I am pregnant" thing a couple times and never was pregnant.. K likes attention.. So last summer or whenever 9 months ago K says I am pregnant and this time it's for real.

My brother who I will call "m" told me right away he didn't think it was his child.. Then when her due date M was more convinced that this baby wasn't his child. He stuck by her side even though she admitted to having slept with another guy and we seen her with this other guy a lot last summer when we could ride our bikes.. but anyways K stuck to her story that this baby is my M's.

The baby was born a little over a week ago and I don't know what to think of it. I honestly believe my brother and based on the looks and size I am leaning towards this baby is not my family.. but my brother seems to be sticking by her even though she falls in and out of love easily.. there is an picture of her with another guy holding her big tummy before she had the baby.

I actually seen the baby yesterday!!! He is so tiny. I wanted to take him home. I asked Grandma how K was doing and she said bad. I asked how bad? New Mom bad or really bad?? She said really bad.. I feel so badly for K, new baby and everyone involved. K learned from her Mom. She didn't have a strong support system then and I believe she will have help.. However, I see history repeating itself and instead of help they will let K dump her child on somoeone else. I know dump is a bad word.. Maybe it's better to say she won't step up to the plate and take care of him and Grandma (who is actually a great grandma now) or K's Mom who is actually (grandma now) will.. but if K's mother didn't take care of her own two children is she really gonna take care of this baby?

I am really hoping it's not my brother's child for a couple reasons.. one selfish.. this family is bad and I don't want to be mixed with them. K isn't bad.. just has some problems.. K's grandma isn't bad but is getting up there in age.. about 65 years of age.. In a round about way, I told her how much she helped us but she didn't raise my children and she agreed with that. I strongly told her don't let history repeat itself. Make K take care of him.

It's K's mother and step father that is bad and so is K's step brothers.. we don't want to be mixeed up.. bad things have happpened. Another reason I really hope it's not his child that it would make both parents on disabilities and that makes a sticky sitaution for physically, fiacnially and emotionally for this child to get a proper upbringing.

I have been obsessed with this situation but I don't think it's adoption rearing it's ugly head.. I haven't been jealous, terribly sad nor do I want to avoid the baby. I can't say if it would be different had it been a girl. So from an adoption stand point I am doing well.

We are hoping for a DNA test soon. We think that great grandma will push it cause K's SSI payment isn't going to get very far while she takes care of paying for a newborn's need.

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