Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Upcoming Holidays

I been thinking about the holidays. Thanksgiving has been cancled due to work on both my husband and mines job. It sort of depressed me. Why does money have to be so important to rule? Most likely I won't work much of my 12 hours but get paid for it. So I can't plan an holiday around what can or might not happen. I have asked my son's Dad if he would like him for the holiday and said he said yes.

I did make arrangements to have Stephen with me on the Sunday my chuch does a Thanksgiving dinner so that will be our holiday.

I been thinking about wondering how the first Christmas without Alex at home will play out? Will he get some time off and want to spend some tme at home? Will I be able to have sometime off? Will he just come in for the holiday.

I have discovered a couple ideas for Christmas gifts that I am thinking of trying to do for new Christmas traditions.

One was a Christmas eve box. It had new pj's, a Christmas movie and some snacks for the movie. I love this idea but not sure if I will have Stephen home or not so the divorce sort of robs me out of some Christmas traditions. We normally do one has Christmas even and part of Christmas day ( mostly goes to the other parent pretty early in the morning) We don't really keep track of who had what part of the holiday but more so goes about who has what going on.

Today, I read about a Mom making Christmas not so bucy with commitments of parties ect. We don't normally have too big of an issue there.. but another thing they did to save from overspending was to tell the kids to give them ideas on four gifts.. what they want, what they can wear and what they can read?

I love that idea. I am not sure I would stick excactly to that but would love to tone my spending down and get close to it.

I don't know if my little sister will come home or not from school. I thought up the idea of her and I baking lots of Christmas cookies and gifting them to our family so she doesn't feel guilty about not having money for gifts. She loves to buy gifts and doesn't have a job due to going to school right now.

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