Sunday, November 3, 2013

Decision making

I have decided that it's best that for the moment I leave things between Izzy's Mom and me alone. I decided this due to three reasons.

1. Being my insecuities that I feel about motherhood in general and just don't think I am ready to deal with her face to face.
2. Being that Izzy has been really busy visiting her brother who just graduated from bootcamp and just feel that I don't want to complicate things or put pressure on Izzy at all.
3. I am just not all that sure what I would say to her in person. I am thinking it could be somewhat of uncomfortable situation and feel it's best that at the moment I just continue the little dance on facebook I think Izzy's Mom and I are doing with each other.

Nothing says six months or a year from now... these issues won't be issues or as strong of issues but the moment they are my truths. I like the term "my truths" cause I realize some thought processes could all be in my head but it's just my reality.

Maybe someday Izzy's Mother and I will be friends.. The truth is that I just don't know her. We do have one thing in common and that is "our daughter" or "her daughter" or "my daughter" We both have Izzy's best interests at heart.

So for right now. I am just going to try to be happy with the one visit I got while she is/was here in town and continue to love her from afar.

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