Sunday, November 10, 2013

There hasn't been much going on lately. Nothing new and exciting really. I been working on my fundraising and I have sold 355.00 dollars of stuff. We get 40 to 50% of that. It's been a little fun imaging I am beating Stephen's father at it. I have had a lot of people willing to help by buying something so that's been good.

My job is going good but one of my clients is becoming more high needs and hasn't been well. The other is just sweet and annoying at the same time. Haha.

My husband's job is going but I wonder for how long. He works for a gas station that has been out of gas for a few weeks if not longer. I guess it's somewhat normal so hoping the guy doesn't fold it up and move on.

Alex is going to be 19 this month! Not sure what I will be doing for him yet.

We have Thanksgiving coming up. We are not sure what's going on. We both might be working so we will probably most likely offer Stephen up to his Dad for the holiday. I hate working holidays. Not so much cause I want the celebrations but I don't want to babysit an empty house or deal with family crap. People get weird when the clients are paying nearly 50 an hour. Of course I don't see that much of it. I forget.. it double my normal pay or time and half. but let's just say either way I don't get half.

Stephen's doctor has referred us to take him to a dietian for his eating habits. So I am excited that maybe we might get somewhere. I would like to see him shape up a bit since he will have to do a lot of walking on his Washington D.C trip.

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