Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look like my oldest son will be living with me. His Dad isn't happy and said the heats been fixed and the water heater will be fixed this weekend and my son still says not going back there. I don't quite get what's going on over there besides the problems with the mobile home. I knew it was getting serious when my son asks me if he runs away would they look at my place.
Our minor issue is that my ex husband wants my son to give the tv back and then my son won't have one. He has been brought up on video games and movies and this won't be fun for any of us if he doesn't have a tv. I mentioned to my current husband maybe I would buy him one for Christmas and he got mad cause he doesn;t think kids should have better than us. Not as in for Christmas but overall have a better tv or phone in general.
The major issue is that I been debating going and filing for custody and support. Tonight, my ex tried to strike up a deal to have him pay me directly and not change anything. I said, we would have to talk more about it.

I did tell my ex that I really want to see both of the boys living together for this last year or two that Alex is living with parents. It hasn't been easy for them to be apart for five days and then together on the weekend. It's stressful on Stephen and I think Alex too.

I hope this all works out with the least amount of stress as possible and the least amount of fighting.


Karen said...

What's wrong with getting a used TV? People get rid of them all the time. We did, because we weren't using the one in the bedroom. If you get a cheap one, and it stops working in a or two year, your son can get a part time job and buy his own.

Wendy said...

Or could you get a new tv for your family to use, and put your older tv in his room?

I hope things work out with everything. That's got to be tough.