Sunday, December 4, 2011


My oldest son has been talking to me about wanting to move back in with us. He has his reasons and some are pretty good ones. I think there maybe more to it like I don't like this new stepmom who just married his Dad. I have been thinking about it a lot. Do we keep talking about it or just go file in court for custody? This could turn into another nasty battle which I really think is bad timing with the holidays but one reason my son wants to move in is that they're furnace don't work and they are using space heaters in a mobile home. They don't have a working hot water heater so they take showers at Grandma's. I have offered my son a place back here for quite sometime but it's just recently that he seems to want to be here with us.
He has been staying about half the week here and then the other half at home. If we are going to go forward then I need child support for our two children. Right now, because we each have one child no one pays.
My son's grandma I guess overheard him talking to someone and he just told me that his Grandma told him privately if he comes to stay with me she isn't buying him a laptop. Now, that is cruel. Also, she shouldn't be buying him one anyways. If his parents who work can't justify buying him a laptop then how does someone living off ssi do it? Also, will be second son get one too? I don't believe playing favorites between kids. Especially if they are brothers/sisters and know what's going on.

I just wanted to vent. This whole laptop thing could influence my son cause he does want one. It's a shame she would even say something like that.

A big part of me just really wants both my sons living together for this last year or two that my oldest is still with a parent. When I am overly nervous wondering if Stephen is okay at the bus stop his brother should be doing the big brother act and watching out for him.

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