Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas shopping

I spent the day with my friend Rachel and we did all of our shopping in one general area. My main goals of the day was to use the toysr@us gift card that I had gotten with buying a gift for my son. I planned on using it to buy something for my granddaughter.

My other goal was to look around for anything else small like candy that I could put in Izzy's Christmas basket. Also, anything that could go in my sons' stockings. I found a candy cane with chocolate and a key chain with Izzy's real name on it.

My last thing to do was to get my little sister a gift and get wrapping paper.

For my granddaughter, I had in mind to get her a Mr or Mrs. Potato head suitcase full of different pieces for her to change. I remember how much fun I had playing with my son with the potato head guy. I only had 25 on the gift card but when I seen the case was 20 bucks I was disappointed cause I wanted to get her a doll too.

Being the type of person that I am... I decided that it's only money and Christmas only comes around once a year and she is getting a doll from Grandma. I picked her out a doll that also sold clothes for it. So, her doll... will need a change of clothes, right? I really would have loved to buy my daughter dolls and barbies but I missed my chance.

I am not going to miss it with my granddaughter.

I did create an very cool pillow for Izzy and she had a basket full of girly items. You can see the picture on my private blog. I have a moment of sadness over not having those early years of dolls but I am overly joyed that I know my daughter and she has accepted me in her life. She hasn't not gotten a Christmas or birthday present since I have had contact with her. It's possible that I enjoy choosing and buying the gifts more than she does receiving them. I have never been given a gift from my daughter. In a small way, it has made me sad. It's not that I need things but just the thought that I am important enough to try to find something special for that person. What I really wish for is a collection of photos from her when she was younger. She has mentioned that her parents didn't take that many pictures of her. How ironic is that the thing I craved the most (besides real contact) was pictures and they didn't take them. Could it have been a subconscious thing to not take them? Who knows.

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