Monday, October 26, 2009

I still can't share what's new in my life. Let's say it maybe something very good. I am excited and believe me when I am saying that it's driving me nuts not being able to share yet.  I went to church last night. It was a extra long service.  It was what I needed to keep my faith. 

I have to have Faith that this is going to work out right and to keep the negativity out of my mind. I have to have Faith that I will have the patience to sort through my issues. I have to have faith that I will make the right decisions on when and who I share my news with. Right now, it's been with Rb She was one of the first soon to be adoptive parents who showed interest and support as I have shared my story. I am so exited for her, because soon she will be a Mom to a little girl. I am grown as a person. I have healed some. I can find more joy for her than I used to be able when I first started following adoptive parents blog. That doesn't mean that I still don't take a moment and think of the hurt and sorrow that the birthmom will be going through. I like to think that my story affected the birthmom's life a little, because Rb knows adoption from a closed sitation by reading my story.  I have been able to share it with what's going with a couple people irl, but only if they have no connection to my family. I hope soon I can share more. 


Jensboys said...

Ohhhhhhhhh waiting for the news :) You have me ALLLLL excited.

kalibug said...

I am looking forward to hearing the news!!

And, I just wished Kali's birthmom was like you about wanting to know her more. We are going to see her this weekend, which I am excited about, but well, I dont want to go into what I mean, but I wished she was interested in Kali more. It greatly saddens me.

Have a great week!

RB said...

I'm priveleged to be your confidant right now :) I've learned tons from you.