Saturday, April 4, 2015


I am part of a facebook group that is connecting me with other birthmoms that will be attending the retreat. It's nice to sort get to meet other people this way as a little bit of a ice breaker. They posted about a gofundme fund to raise money to help pay for the retreat cost that are not being put on us birthmoms.

I believe there is about 25 birthmoms that will be attending from different areas of the world.. Some of the birthmoms are new birthmoms.. one girl posted today how she is having a hard day cause it's her child's first birthday and another a few days ago posted about a hard month.

If your reading my blog and your life has been touched by adoption in any way would you consider donating to the retreat fund? My goal would be to see a dollar for every birthmom so add 25.00 more dollars raised as a direct of my blog.. So if 25 people could donate 1.00 or 50 people donate .50 then that goal would happen.

Please check out this out here and consider helping out. Birthmom Buds was created by two birthmoms that saw a need and I am happy that I am getting able to go to this retreat.

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