Sunday, April 5, 2015

Baby shower decorations and reunion

I forgot to mention something about the baby shower. Izzy makes wreathes and I asked her if I could pay her to make one for the baby shower. She offered to do it her treat. So that's pretty awesome!

The above picture is not the wreath she made.. It's just an example of one of the wreathes I seen on google.

Izzy got into town yesterday! It was a surprise visit but I knew about it. So hoping I get to see her. I really have no idea if she really made the wreath or not due to her becoming pretty sick. She went to the dr when she got into town and has a long list of illness like flu, sinus infection and double ear infection. I think I am missing something.

Part of my reunion update is that I have noticed something about my contact with Izzy. If I write her about pretty much anything that has nothing to do with seeing her then I get a pretty fast answer.. so it is what it is.. I would imgaine if she did make the wreath that I would see her. I guess only time will tell.

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