Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oh baby!!!

I am very happy to announce that my son is expecting a baby girl!!! He called me today to tell me and I literly screamed!! I would love any grand baby but my heart was really wishing for a girl!! I am beyond thrilled!! They have had two ultrasounds confirm girl! I guess she took a fall and they said girl.. then they had the 3d ultrasound and that said girl!! Happy report baby and Mom are doing okay and the fall didn't hurt the baby.. But I feel bad cause I never asked if it hurt the Mom.. come to think of it.. I never asked if the fall hurt the baby.. but I think he would have brought that up.

I can't wait for this baby to be born to love on her! I am going to have so much fun buying fun girl things for another little girl!! baby dolls, dresses, shoes and more baby dolls!! I can't wait to see her and hold her!! The name I suggested for her is on the list but I did tell me son no pressure.

I still feel a little worried about everything that goes along with a baby.. Dad and Mom don't live together yet. Mom wants to stay with her Dad. Both do have jobs but you know how much babies cost.. I keep thinking I should buy diapers ect.. plan a baby shower but then two thoughts come into my head... one.. I don't want to make assumptions on what they are going to use as far as diapers, car seats ect.. also I am not made of money so while I maybe able to do some stuff.. I have to tell myself slow down! The baby isn't even here yet. She isn't due to July.

Did I mention it's a girl!!! Yes. baby girl!!


Pam said...

Oh so fun! I am looking forward to hearing about everything!

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks. I am excited! I will update more about this new baby.

blueeyedbaby210 said...

If you arent sure a safe bet is newborn pampers. They are what hospitals prefer and most parents who cloth diaper use disposables the first few weeks. Also a good thing to start saving up is bath supplies. Towels, shampoo, etc. You would be amazed how much lotion and baby wash a newborn uses. Wipes are also fairly cheap and needed in large amounts.