Saturday, February 14, 2015

baby details

More ramdom details about my new grandbaby! Did I mention it's a girl!! I am just so excited! My first granddaughter just turned five and hopefully on Monday we will share some cake with her for her birthday. 5 years ago, I was in such an unhappy place. I quickly scanned over a post or two I had wrote in my private blog and I might share it just to reflect on how much time does heal things or maybe it's the people in your life.

Maybe, my first grand daughter gave me a lot of healing. Yea. It was tough at first and sometimes because she isn't mine biologlly it can still be hard at times. In the event of death or divorce.. will I still be her Nana?

My husband has a couple times referred to how I am going to have a "real" or "my own" grandchild and my response is I am "real" and I already have "my own" I won't be telling telling people I have a step grand daughter and a grand daughter.. the only reason I have ever explained how my grand daughter isn't related to me because I always got the look cause I look too young.. Most people don't believe I have grown children.. much less grand children.

I did share the news on facebook but also messaged Izzy and told her how she is going to be an aunt to a brand new baby girl.. So we exchanged a few messages back and forth and she shared my message online and said congrats to Alex.

I have thought about how this baby girl will be Izzy's first relation that she will know from birth.. So that's pretty exciting and odd to think about how Izzy really only has a handful of people that she knows she is related too as in blood ties.

I seen some ultrasounds pictures of my grandbaby and a name was written on it and it wasn't Isabella. Sad face. but I said no pressure and I mean no pressure. I don't want to be one of those Nana's that loose sight in the fact that this is their grand child.. not their child. I don't really care much for the name but I am not 100% sure it's a done deal. It seems like my son doesn't care for the name. Also, she wants to give the baby her last name and not is last name until they are married. I hope they can come to agreements on the name because both should have a say in something so important as a name.

The baby is due July 21st! I been looking at baby stuff but can't bring myself to buy anything yet. It seems like a don't hate me.. but a waste of money. I mean it's 5 months away. I also feel overwhelmed.. it's been so long since I really had a baby and bought stuff so not sure what I would want to get.

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