Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My ponderings about baby

I am still really trying to wrap my head around the fact that my son is going to be a father soon. It's not new to me to be a Grandmother but I do perfer to be called Nana so I don't think that is what is hard about getting used to the idea of a new baby in my family.

For starters I want a girl! Can I make a request? It would be so so cool to see a grand daughter that may or may not look like me! I don't suppose I have much of a say in if it's a boy or a girl.

My son is 20 years old. He is 5 years older than I was when I had my first child and two years older than me when I had him. So he is young but not as young as I was when I was faced with unplanned pregnancies. I got the impression that his girlfriend wanted this baby but didn't get the impression that his is something he wanted but it's done and did now.

A baby is a big game changer and I wonder if my son is mature enough to make that adjustment in his life. My son and his girlfriend are managers at McDonald's but it doesn't seem like McDonald's pays low level shift managers much money. My son is living with a friend's parents and his girlfriend lives with her father. She doesn't have a Mom in the picture cause I guess she left her when she was young. My son's girlfriend is only 17 years of age. I only have seen her once. She went with us to Izzy's wedding reception. She was 17 then and so I imagine she is close to being 18. I am a little concerned over the age thing cause I looked it up and it does look like the age of concent is 18 years of age.

I have heard stories of a couple year difference still get someone labled as a sex offender as if they had molestered a young child. That would be so life ruining if my son was put on a offenders list for being with this girl.

I don't really know my son's and his girlfriend's future plans together. He was telling me about how he will be renting his own place soon. He had the option of a one bedroom on his own or a two bedroom with a manager at McDonald's. I don't know if he was unsure how to tell us that they were going to live together ect.

I been wondering how my son and his girlfriend will afford everything a baby needs and worry that they won't have enough money. I have even wondered who will watch the baby while they go to work? She is about 11 weeks along so I know it's a while before they have to worry about that stuff.. but time flies.

My son and his girlfriend live about 40 minutes away from me. It's not in the same town. So it won't be really easy to ask me to help out with babysitting if it worked out with my job. I have anziety over traveling and had to buy a GPS just so I just could get to see him.. but I can't drive home in the dark. I have had a couple bad experiences with trying to get home in the daek.

I have tossed around the idea of throwing her a baby shower but I would imagine she has someone closer to her that would do that.

I have been really tight lipped on this on facebook. My son hasn't even announced it on facebook so not sure if this is something he is still trying to wrap his mind around. However, he doesn't seem to use facebook much.. but I did find out a while back he had made a second fb account but I have since lost the page.

I don't know if myself not sharing is for his privacy or just not ready to admit that my son is expecting a child before he is married and even has a place of this own.. Maybe it's some of my own self doubt coming into play. It's not like I had my own place or lots of money when I had my son.

I hope to get to know his girlfriend better since she most likely will be having my grand child.

I know I need to ask some serious questions to my son and figure out what their plans are so I know when and how I can help if needed and if possible.

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