Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas gift for Izzy

I tried to come in the middle as far as Izzy's Christmas gift.. meaning I sent something even though I couldn't quite afford to do much and kept it simple.

I started with a Christmas stocking full of a couple Christmas related gifts that I got as a Christmas gift during my holiday party. It's not that I didn't like it. I loved the idea of a stocking full of gifts.

So I went to 5 and under and picked up a couple small things to add. I also included a freezer bag full of Christmas cookies. I had thought about a gift card but that was going to be more than I could afford when I added shipping.

I regretly got busy and stalled at mailing it off. I mailed it off on Monday and the gift got there today because it came with tracking. I know it's only been a few hours since she got the gift but my mind is already wondering how come I haven't heard from her.

Just today she posted about a favorite Christmas gift that her husband gave her and thanks someone else for a package of wax for candle making.. so it's not that she hasn't been online.

I am hoping that I am over reacting and she mentions it soon. I did hear from her when I sent a card for Thanksgiving but didn't when I sent just a card for her birthday.

So if I don't hear from her... do I ask if she got it?? Say after a couple days?

Or leave it be?

Do I accept that this is the kind of relationship we have and understand that if I send gifts I may not hear from her? Is that unconditional love or accepting that she is walking on me. I am torn. I give gifts to her cause I love her and enjoy hopefully making her happy.. but if I don't hear from her then I have no idea of the gifts make her happy or not.

I don't have a lot of money and have toned my gift giving with her. It's not that I don't love her but I have two boys that I love too. I don't want to short change their needs or wants to send things to her.. I hope that doesn't sound crude.

Do I stick to cards and apply the money I would spend on my sons? I am torn. I am hoping by tomorrow that I will have heard from her.

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