Monday, November 24, 2014

Exciting news!!

I came to blogging about adoption loss to share my story but also I love hearing other stories about adoption loss. I spent the majortity of my years in the birthmom closet and to some extent I am still in the closet. I don't share my story with many people. It's easier to sometimes just skirt around the number of kids that I have.. "My husband and I have five kids together? or I might say I have 2 kids! I know that is a lie but in the grand sceme of things I am not Izzy's Mom so therefor she really isn't my kid. Did I just write that? I don't mean that she wasn't born to me ect..or I don't care and love her but it's different.

I can't get into stories about her upbringing ect so when it comes to me being a Mom.. the only kids I can say I have raised is my two sons.

One of the blogs that I follow but don't comment on is the birthmombuds page. I feel it's possible it's too popular and if I comment Izzy could find her way to this blog.

But I am some exciting news!! Birthmombuds does a retreat and it's quite far from my house.

I told my husband I would like to go and he said go then.. He mentioned me flying out. I said "no way" "I could never fly especially on my own"

My husband then offered if I rented a car he would drive me there!! So when more information comes out and I explore the details about the retreat and figure out how much this trip will cost me.. It's very possible that we will take the trip and I can join the birthmother's retreat!!

I think I would love that!! It would be quite an adventure for us to drive it! Also, quite a challenge for us to arrange for care for our pets. Not to mention time off our jobs and the cost of the trip.. The great news is that a couple months before this trip we would most likely have our nice tax refund to fund it.

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