Sunday, March 29, 2015


I just had lunch with my son and his girlfriend. She is really showing her pregnancy now.. She is due late July! I am really excited for them and for myself. I can't why to the baby is born but I have a confession.

I came home and ate a bit of food out of control.. meaning way more than I needed too. I already had ate lunch so not hungry. I had way to much homemade carrot cake and then 4 chocolate covered cherries and feel sort of yucky! I haven't workout yet so that doesn't help my situation. I don't know what is but feel like it's triggered by seeing them..

I don't know if it's an adoption thing or just stressed about the life changing events my son will be going thu.. As of right now the momma to be is under age and lives at home with her Dad.. if Dad gets mad he controls them by not letting my son see his girlfriend. Mom will be 18 years of age shortly after the baby is born and my son says they will get their own place then.. but the kicker is that Mom quit her job so that means at the moment she doesn't have any money.

I really like my son's girlfriend and I am excited to see where that goes as far as her being part of my family... I wonder if that is where my bad feelings is coming from.. does this young girl represent my lost daughter? As in I see what I am missing??

Well, I don't quite know what it is that has caused this stress but time to get rid of this pent of energy and hoping that it all resolves itself.

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