Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Retreat update

I am getting pretty excited about my upcoming retreat for birthmom's! I am excited for the chance to get a little one on one time with my husband during the travel..and the chance to meet other birthmom's. I think that experince is going to be out of this world. I know that we all won't have the same stories or even the same thoughts on adoption but to be in a room full of other women who have placed children for adoption should be amazing!

Birthmom Buds is the one putting on the retreat and it's been happening for years. I took time to look at some of the videos and it makes the trip that much more real.

I have a good chunk of the money saved for the retreat but I must stay on my toes and add money each week as possible to make this trip happen for sure. I can't believe it's only about 7 weeks away from happening. You can check out the blog by birthmom buds here.

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