Sunday, August 31, 2014

Izzy gets married today!!!

Wow!! They will be officially married today!! How exciting!! I am still bouncing around how to make the cookbook come to life. See my sister did it in color and it has personality cause it is homemade but I am not sure if I do it myself if I can get color prints. But I can't afford to pay .50 per page for colored prints either. I am afraid if I put it together it will still lack the color.. and afraid that it will come up to be about the same cost or money.. what to do.. what to do..

The reality is I should be giving her the scrapbook but I just don't feel it's finished but at the same time lost the desire to work on it and I want a copy of it.. which will prove to be very costly.

Izzy's birthday is next week too!! And my brakes are bad on my car!! Arrggg!! Always something. Not sure what to give her for her birthday. She has made several attempts to lose weight and I been tossing the idea of a heart rate monitor for her but don't know how she would take that.. I got one for a gift. but my sister knew I was already thinking of something along that line.

Decisions. Decisions.

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