Sunday, August 24, 2014

An idea

I have an idea that I am highly considering for my daughter and her fiance as a wedding gift. My oldest sister has made both myself and our younger sister a cookbook full of recipes. There are some of the recipes that I think of has family recipes because I remember my Mom cooking it. There is at least one or two that that I had actually cooked before even getting the book.

I am thinking of making them a cookbook. I basically will be coping the recipes. I have less than two weeks on my hands to do this. I can either do this how my sister did it by printing up everything and putting it all in a binder.. I believe mine is in color and I am not sure I can get colored prints doing it on my own.

Or I can take it somewhere and have them do it. My sister said they may even be able to bind it like a book.. So I think tomorrow I will get started on this project and make a couple phone calls and see what my options are for making them their very own cookbook with family recipes.

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April said...

That's a great idea! Have fun putting it together.