Saturday, November 26, 2016

Quick update

I haven't wrote in quite sometime. I don't have much to really say these days.. so just a quick update on me.
I started my league on darts using regular darts. It's fun and I am making a little improvement but it's not as the same as my blow gun. Our team seems to do a good job getting more games than the rest. I like having at least one night to get out to mingle with others that doesn't involve sitting down to eat.

I recently hit my ten year mark on my job. It's been a challenging year for both of my clients. One more so than the other.. So I have had to brush up on some skills that I haven't been using at all. My boss is retiring and has sold the business. This should be interesting.. They actually close on the deal on Monday.

My dog Charlie most likely has a growth of cancer but not sure unless I do an xray. I may do one cause I really like to know what's going on. He gets all bloated with fluid and a vitamin injection makes it go away. I am happy he is still around. Trying to make the best of it knowing he is ill. The vet didn't expect him to live when he seen him the first time a few months ago.

I still workout. I do a combination of going to the YMCA and working out at home.

My kids are getting old. Izzy is 24 years old and married. Alex just turned 22 years of age. He has a girlfriend who has a 7 year old daughter. She is sweet.. Stephen is 16 years old and a junior in high school. Hard to believe next year is the last year.

My turtle has gotten big. He has a 75 gallon tank now. He has finally given me the wish of letting gold fish live with him. He has two of them that been in the tank for about 6 months.

I still babysit at church.. some days I want to quit but I love the children. I want to quit cause I just want to cuddle and play with the kids. They want it to be bible class. I am just not cut out to teach children and no one listens that the lessons are not really appealing to my age group.

Well, that's about it.. nothing too exciting. Life is treating me pretty good.

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