Sunday, July 20, 2014

Upcoming wedding

Izzy and her fiance will be getting married on August 30th of this year. They orginally were going to do a big wedding with a Christmas theme I believe in this barn that this lady rented out for a wedding venue. Due to some zoning problems the venue was closed down and Izzy and her fiance shut the door on a fancy wedding.

They plan to marry by themselves and someone her fiance knows is marrying them. I am not sure who the two witnesses are going to be or if that is still an requirement. I know her parents are not going to be there. They will be getting married in the town they currently live in so as far as I know no one is coming. It's just going to be short and sweet.

Izzy and her new husband will be here in September for a weddding reception that will be thrown to celebrate the start of their life as a married couple. I am so happy for them. They are high school sweethearts and go good together.

I really don't know to expect an invitation to the reception or not. If I recall from past conversations I would been invited to the wedding. I don't recall if I asked or what so who knows Izzy's true thoughts on that.

I know that this day will be about them. That is the main focus and I am afraid and do wonder if I was invited if it would take some off that focus off them and onto me. Who knows??

I really am not sure how I feel about the whole mixing of two famlies. I haven't yet been brought around Izzy's family so there is still that level of awkwardness that I am sure that would be there.. sure maybe a level of jealosy too on maybe both our hearts.

There has been a tiny bit of communcation between Izzy's Mom and myself on facebook. It's not much but I like to think of it as we are each testing the waters here and there with each other. Slowly my heart is becoming less angered about the past stuff with her parents.

Only time will tell where we go from now. It's also Izzy's birthday coming up and she seems interested off and on with diet and weight loss. I am thinking of buying her a heart rate moniter for her birthday but not sure if that would be rude. My sister bought me one from Christmas and I love mine.

Will update again when I know more but at the moment I don't plan on asking for an invite. I think I am trying to protect my heart on this one.

P.S. I am getting closer to my 100 pound weight loss goal.. help me get to 200 followers before I hit my goal.

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