Sunday, April 13, 2014

I challened Izzy and my sister to a 7 day step challenge.. the one with the least amount of steps sends the other one a 10.00 gift card. First, I had also asked my sister but she can't join in the fun due to school. However, another fitbit friend wanted to join but it's a little different for her.
She gets quite a few more steps in than us due to having an active job. So she challenged us to come within 35k of her total or we set our facebook profiles to a a flamingo. If we come in with less than 35k she sends us a ten dollar gift card.

We just started today so hopefully this will be a fun challenge to motivate all three of us. I need something to keep me moving.

Tomorrow, my dog, Charlie, is having surgery due to his dog attack. The skin has died so that has to be delt with.

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