Friday, June 3, 2016

Nice day for a bike ride

I just love summer. I love getting out of the house into the fresh air and sunshine. Today, my son and I took the bikes on my bike rack and took them for a ride. It's the funniest things that make me think of my ex husband. It was so hard to get my bike on the rack. I don't have a clue how it's done and I guess my son doesn't know either. It's the girl bike that makes it a challenge. We did get them up there but right when we got home my son's bike fell off. This isn't an admit of missing him but is a admit on how sometimes it's only human I guess not to appreciate all the little things a husband or wife does for us on a daily basis. I actually don't recall my bike going on the rack that often. Mostly, I would run and my son and husband would ride along side me.

We went about 7 miles. I think what I love best about being outdoors is the hot son beating down on me. I love the warmth. I love being a little sweaty. It's just so calming and peaceful outdoors.

I am still training for my runs. I have the trail run in a about a month. The half marathon date has been changed cause now it turns out the Biggest Loser Run is coming to my town and my friend wants to run it in town. I am actually bugged by this decision.

I was really looking forward to going to Chicago to run it. I thought it would be a fun experience to hang out with my running buddy. Plus we don't even know the date of the run here in town. I love the August date.. I know it's still going to be warm. I just not into cooler weather and running. I don't want the run to be too sooon.. so hoping it's not too far past the August run.

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