Friday, February 12, 2016

What's up with me??

I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this blog. I enjoy writing and totally miss it. There has been a lot of changes going one little problem with blogging is that I don't have internet at home anymore.. I am finding that overall I don't miss it much. It's something I will want again sometime when I can afford it but for right now I am content with what I have.

Some changes in my life I am just not ready to speak of yet so I will leave that for another day.

Maybe you recall that my husband and I were planning a divorce coming up and he was going to leave in April.

Well, things got so ugly at my house and I know I am not an innocent party in that he decided to move sooner. He has been gone since Jan 16th and our divorce was final on the 19th. It's a huge relief to get that part of my life over with..

It was up in the air if we would part as friends but some recent events has made me want to cut him out of my life all the way. I will be turning off my normal facebook account and a friend is helping set up a private one for me.. Even though I won't accept a friend invite he still tags me in posts and seems to be following my where abouts.

Another huge thing going on is that my son has not been allowed to see his daughter. It really tugs at me heart. He moved in to my house late October and just about a month ago got a part time job. I don't believe he is trying to pay child support to her.. However, there is a court date coming up next month for support so I am hoping some visitation rights will also be be set up.

My relationship with my daughter is still just not what I wish it to be.. she did however finally give me her phone number after I told her I was getting rid of facebook which is mostly our only contact besides the occasional visit when she is in town.. I only get that if I ask for it. If I choose to let her come to me then it just doesn't happen.

I am still working full time. I am doing the best I can with making ends meet.. I am probably doing much better that expected. The only issue is that I have zero money for the unexpected.

I had to share half of my tax refund so luckily I got that in time to get my house payment paid after paying for a car repair. My goal is to start saving whatever I can so I don't have major problems.

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote and hope to update sooner.

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Janine said...

so nice to hear from you, but sorry to hear things have been tough. I think of you often... if you ever want to email you have my address! Hugs janine