Sunday, July 5, 2015

Closed records stink..

I have gotten to know a coworker of mine.. She has told me little things about herself bit by bit.. This is what I know about her.. She was born to a white Mother who was married to a white man but she had an affair with an Indian man. So I believe she is half white and half Indian. Actually shows more of being Indian than white.

She told me how she was abused as a young child to the extent of being locked in the closet and kicked down stairs.. She was taken away and put into foster care. I am unclear if she really remembers this abuse.. I get the impression that she doesn't but had a lot of anger as a child and wasn't an easy child to be around... pushed all the rules ect..

She did end up getting adopted by a foster family even though I guess there was tornmoil in that family.

What floored me is that we were talking about age and she seemed to not want to answer how old she was.. basically said yes to two of my ages that I had said.. we had previously talked about age so I was just trying to refresh my memory.

It turns out that this co worker doesn't really know how old she is. Her records place her being born in 1957 but there is no way this person is almost 60 years of age.. She has sort of wondered if it was a typo and the year born was actually 1967. That would put her at 48 years of age.. which seems more likely but still think that's pushing it.

I have always known closed records effect adoptees but never known someone to not know how old they are.. it's just sad.

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