Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Secret Daughter.. a must read

The book that caught my attention is called Secret daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

It's an adoption book which is typical of quite a few books that I seek out to read but I didn't seek this out. I just found it at church on the book exchange table.

What is ironic about this book and it's something that you don't see often is that it's showing life after adoption from three different angles.

The birthparents.. mostly the birthmother who lives in India.

The adoptee who was born in India but left at an orphange by her birthparent. This move literly saved her life. There is no if ands or butts. This child would have died..

The adoptive parents.. the father happened to be born in India and came to America to go to school and fell in love with an American girl and they decided to live their life in the States.

I won't give anymore details of this book so if anyone should want to read it the story isn't ruined.

It is a fiction story but it was an awesome book.

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