Tuesday, January 17, 2017

scrapbooking weekend

I am feeling nervous about the scrapbooking weekend cause my scrapbook is pretty personal to me. The weekend seems like it might be one of those sharing things where people get ideas off one another.. however, I don't know that to be true.
I can be there from Saturday 9 am to Sunday 3pm.. I am debating if that is too long. I don't know if I will cut it short on the beginning or the end.. or not at all.. one thing that I am going to love is that it has a hot tub and a pool.. so that is pretty exciting to me.

The reason my scrapbook is personal to me is that it's been made with the plan to give it to my daughter.. So it tells part of a story that I just don't share often.

I am excited to go and looking forward to getting working on the book again. I am just so stuck with it. Most of the work that has been done has been done before I met my daughter..So before I met her it was a book to be given to an idea of a daughter. It was my therapy.. now it's to be given to a real live daughter. I am protective of my scrapbook.. I even question if I can ever really give it away to her.

I haven't even documented our reunion or any of our visits. It's hard to find the right words and not really any good layouts or fancy stickers for reunion of a Mother and daughter.

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